Having had many years experience in growing quality fish to stock our own lake, Broadoak Fisheries are now able to supply large, high quality English carp to the commercial market.


The fish were purchased in 2015 from V. S. Fisheries at C4, C5 and C6 ages. They have been grown on in our own out-ponds, where they have benefited from maturing in the same top quality spring water that feeds our main lake. Our growing on ponds are very rich in natural food and the fish’s diet has also been supplemented with a very high quality pellet.

The fish, which we have been growing on for the past four years, are now available for sale this winter 2019/20.


Both Common and Mirror Carp are available, and in the first year, we will be able to offer fish over 30lb. The photographs below are examples of our stock and demonstrate the quality of the fish on offer. The photographs were taken during a test netting last Winter. These fish have now been sold on.


We first started to grow fish in 2012, with fish from our main lake stock. After a silver fish netting and removal, we found that we had a healthly supply of carp in the 2-3lb bracket. These were stocked into a small pond on the Estate and fed, just to see how they progressed. Happily, they are now in a 7 acre lake on the Estate and are into the 20lb stage. These will be our future 30lb sale fish and Syndicate Lake stock.


Having over 700 fish growing on, the future is bright for Broadoak Fisheries.


Thank you for your time,


Joe Jarman


For more information, you can contact us on 07774 236825, or email joejoefishing@yahoo.com


Below are examples of our stock